Martin will quit his job soon!


Martin has decided to give his notice in June!

He has a 4-week notice period. But if he gives his notice in early June, it will count as if he gave it in mid-month or something like that.

If it were me, I’d give it NOW, in these last few days in May. But he wants to push it back for financial reasons.

I guess it doesn’t help that May is one of my low income months.

Not because I didn’t have work, but because there is always a delay with getting paid, and some clients are more timely than others.

That’s okay to me. I’m comfortable having lean months.

I’m more focussed on how awesome it will be for Martin to quit his job!!!


I want him to unwind and relax, and to let himself get excited about what’s next!

He’s a bit nervous to quit, but not for the reasons that I expected.

I thought he would be nervous about money, or how unsettled our lives will be as nomads.

But he’s totally fine with all of that!

Instead, he’s nervous about the mechanics of quitting. Having to actually do it and how.


Martin is one of those rare breeds who has never applied for a job, or quit a job in his life!

After high school, he started a work-study program where he apprenticed at a company while also studying at university. The company gave him on-the-job training, paid his tuition, paid him a liveable monthly wage, in exchange for him working at the company during his holidays (e.g. summers and after exam periods).

He never had to worry about money as a student – whaaaaatttt – because he was getting paid to study! We met as students and I was stressing about working 1-4 jobs at a time to pay for my life in a shitty downtown apartment (with 1 roommate, cockroaches and mice!), while Martin took it easy in his *nice* (for a student) 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment and no financial stress!

Anyway, I digress. The same company hired Martin immediately after he wrote his thesis with them, and he’s been there ever since. I think I’ve had a million jobs since I’ve graduated.

So it’s a pretty big deal for him to quit. It will come as a shock to all his colleagues too, because no one quits that team. They are a tight group and they mostly all like their jobs.

Before I went all “let’s retire early!” on him, he just assumed he would work at his job until age 67. Or maybe he didn’t think about it too much.


That’s what he gets for marrying me!! Lots of disruptions!!!!!!!!!

I would feel really sorry for him if I wasn’t asking him to quit so I could support him and we could travel together.

Not that we keep score, but this could be payback from all those Sugar Daddy years. 🙂

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