I sold my wedding dress!


When we leave Germany, we only plan to take 2 carry-on knapsacks and our bikes. But living like minimalists while keeping 99% of our belongings in storage, is not something we want to do. That would be minimalist-cheating!

Since my wedding dress would fill up an entire knapsack without much utility, I recently sold it!

I also sold my wedding shoes and my wedding jewelry.

Basically everything I wore on my wedding day is now gone. Woo hoo!!

I wasn’t emotionally attached to any of these items, and would rather re-coup the costs from the very expensive 4 weddings we hosted. Don’t even get me started on weddings!! I’m not a fan.

My wedding dress shopping is something I will remember as special, but not the dress itself.

It was 2-weeks before our destination wedding in Banff, and I was still in Germany and still without a dress. I wasn’t worried. But my girlfriends were! They dragged me out dress shopping, and even made me dress-fitting appointments. The problem was, none of the dresses fit me and I didn’t have time to get them altered. Not to mention they were quite expensive at 1500 EUR minimum, excluding 300 EUR for alterations.

So whatever, I would figure it out. I would pick something up on my upcoming business trip to NYC. How hard could it be? But my girlfriend was still stressed. As a final stop, she fooled me into going to Peek and Cloppenburg – a German department store. Of course she took me to the dress section and lo and behold, there were wedding dresses! By wedding dresses, I mean they had 4. The only one I liked and that fit me perfectly, was one that didn’t have a price tag. Judging by the prices of the other dresses (in the 300 EUR range), I decided to buy it.

When I went to pay, the dress rung up at 60 EUR!!

It was from a few seasons ago, so it was on sale. Not the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen, and definitely not the best dress for an outdoor mountain wedding, but luckily I don’t pin all my hopes and dreams on one dress so it would do!

After wearing my dress ONCE, and schlepping it around from place to place (i.e. it was wrinkled), I ended up selling my dress on eBay Kleinanzeigen recently for 40 EUR.

Not a bad set back,  and best of all, I don’t have to wear it while travelling SE Asia! Someone else will hopefully have fond memories of the dress too.


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    I hope one day I will manage to talk Mrs W into selling her weddign dress. It’s sitting in that wardrobe and she’s never going to use it. You’re doing the right stuff: thinking about how emotionally connected are you really to those things. It’s not surprising for me that all you need and makes you happy it’s either not on object, or it fits in a small rucksack.

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      Don’t be too hard on Mrs. W, she’s awesome and doing great already!! For me it’s easy to sell my things because I set out to sell everything even before I got married. 🙂

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        Thank you Jessica! My wedding dress is important to me, cost under €200 from Galeria Kaufhof, is bright red, and fits in a small box in my wardrobe. I may even wear it again someday. I already got rid of loads of stuff and Mr W should be eternally thankful that I have even fewer pairs of shoes than he does! Well done for selling something you’ve decided you don’t need though, good luck with the rest!

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          Red is a great colour and yes, you can wear it again easily! If you’re not living a nomadic life like we plan to (3-6 months in one spot), then you can afford to keep some nice things around at the expense of not bringing in any new things (if you are striving toward minimalism).

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    Oh, that is one good move! Fortunately, besides the memories, you also have the pictures 😉

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      Yep, we have some printed pictures which I think I will recycle and just keep them in digital form. Feels good to slowly pare down on our belongings.

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    I think it’s great that you got some money for your wedding dress. There is a big push to resell items that many don’t have a need for anymore. Recyle, upcyle or whatever they call it. I have a friend that runs a bridal resale site called YesBride. It’s free to list. Local listings like how you sold yours. http://YesBride.com Just thought I’d share.

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      Thanks DH, too bad I didn’t have this site before, though it appears to be US centric and I’m based in Germany.

      I actually wanted to buy a second hand wedding dress to begin with, but ran out of time. Everything was happening so quickly at that time!

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    Lady, you did a such a perfect business. You bought a dress with 60 euro, sold with 40 euro, so for 20 euro you had a perfect dress for wedding. I don’t think there was any chance to rent one at this price 😀

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      Thank you!! I also think I got away with a pretty fantastic deal here. Not complaining at all! The best part of it all was that I didn’t have to fuss. I bought it and it fit me and then I went off to get married. 🙂

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