How freelancing has changed our lives


8 months ago, I quit my full time job and decided to freelance.

I was very nervous to quit, but needed a change because Martin and I were each commuting far distances in opposite directions. We were too stressed out and spending a small fortune on gas and train passes.

The intent was that we would move close enough to Martin’s job so that he could bike to work, and I would freelance from home or at a nearby co-working space.

Making this move instantly saved us 400 EUR per month! I can’t even believe we spent that much without even realizing it, because we already lived very simply and prided ourselves on being frugal. Best of all, we save TIME and our quality of life has increased substantially.

Freelancing has given me so much freedom in mind and location. I no longer think about work as something I have to do, but something I want to do and choose to do. I say yes to jobs I want to do, and no to jobs I don’t want to do. It’s all up to me!

Yes if I have a slow or lazy day, I won’t make much money. But if I have a productive day, my billable hours rack up.

Freelancing is also what gives me the confidence to chase my dreams of living a nomadic life before retiring.

We were planning to retire in about 6 years at age 40, and then go nomadic. But why wait 6 years when we can do it in 6 months?!?!

I’m not a very risky person, and I don’t really want to put myself in any more situations that leave me broke (been there, done that!). But now that I have 4 clients and am getting into the freelancing groove, it’s starting to feel like a viable and sustainable option.

Combine freelancing with my no-tax strategy and our reduced expenses in Chiang Mai, and it could very well be that we match our dual-income after-tax savings in Germany.

Which is pretty wow, in my opinion! Just from switching my relationship with my old job, and being flexible with our location and lifestyle.

The worst case scenario would be that all my clients dry up when I move to Asia. One client, who runs a very German company, is apprehensive about working with me through time zones, and was disappointed when I told her we’d likely be moving. But, I can’t let that deter me from doing what I want to do. If someone wants to work with me, they will. Time zones are not a big deal in this day and age.

The goal is to try new things and become more entrepreneurial in our approach to earning money, and practice an abundance mindset. People may find us foolish, but the important thing is that we forge ahead and aren’t being held back by preconceived obstacles! Life is too short for that.


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    Hey Jessica,

    It is inspiring reading your blogs.

    Ideally, I would like take on a similar path you did.
    I have set up a goal of retiring before the age of 35. I am living in Germany. Hopefully, financial independence should be doable.

    Inspired to you:
    I am going to do two things.

    First start a blog and post things. As you do, this will help me be accountable ;). I also have some other interesting things to say :).

    Second, to actively consider options of freelancing from now.
    I will try to switch from my regular job to a freelancing one.
    I would like to travel and work.
    Have you documented your freelancing journey somewhere?
    Like, the things you did before quitting your job.
    How to get and retrieve clients during freelancing? Basically, some freelancing tips.
    Do you have such a post in this blog? I would be interested in reading that.

    All the best for your new exciting journey 🙂 and keep posting.

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      Hi Adi, great idea! I will write a freelancing post soon. Basically I am very lucky because the field I worked in and the company I worked for had it set up nicely for outsourcing my type of work. You can have a look around your company to see whether anything like that exists. If so, try to get one of those jobs or network! It’s much easier to network with employees as an employee yourself – a lot of people will forget you when you leave, which is just how things go because people are busy. But some will remember you too and seek you out for work if the company is structured to outsource.

      You can also look through UpWork for new clients and post an awesome profile to see if anything takes. Freelancing is much different from full-time employment though. The income is up and down, but if you have some savings and keep expenses low so that it doesn’t put more pressure on you, it can be a very nice lifestyle. Okay I’ll get cracking on the upcoming blog post!

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    I typed the last comment from mobile. Now, I realised there are a whole lot of icky typos!

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