Adopting a start-up mindset


Martin and I have been discussing and planning when he will give his notice at work.

I’m the more impulsive one, so I think he should give his notice this month! But he’s looking at it from the perspective of wanting to earn a few more bucks by quitting 1-2 months later.

Once he ends his job, it will all be up to me to pay our bills with my income alone.

I’m excited to do it!!!!, but he finds it nerve wracking and maybe too much for me to handle.

Especially because my income as a freelancer is very up and down. But I earn enough to cover our expenses comfortably.

Our expenses are quite low also.

Even if I made $0 these next few months, we still have a car that we need to sell. That windfall alone will pay all our bills, so there’s not much to worry about financially speaking.

I’m not pressuring Martin to quit or anything, I just think it will be good for him, good for us, and will really kick us into gear!

In my opinion, what we need more than Martin’s income, is Martin’s attention to help us move out of Germany smoothly.

Things like exit taxes, finding Luna a good home, selling all our things… a long laundry list of To Dos that I won’t bore you with.

Speaking from experience of having quit my job just 8 months ago, I know it will take some time to adjust to, freak out about, and slowly undo all of that negative programming about how you can’t hack it without a company ‘giving’ you the opportunity to succeed.

The latter is the biggest hindrance to starting up your own thing. But starting something up is precisely what we plan to do in Chiang Mai, when we are surrounded by other digital entrepreneurs.  The sooner we embrace this and free our minds, the better!

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