Networking blind date!


I went to my blind-date business tax meeting the other day!

Before I left, I realized that I had to get somewhat dressed up. Originally we were only planning to meet for coffee, in which case I would have just worn casual clothes. But since we were meeting at a fancy hotel restaurant, I figured it’s only respectful to dress up better than jeans.

Over the last few months, I’ve been dressing like how you would expect a freelancer who works in a coworking space to dress. All casual, comfortable, easy to move in clothes. Even sometimes bike clothes!

I haven’t put on my old work clothes since I quit! So I had to dig out my black slacks from a suitcase, and wore a shirt I used to wear to work. I didn’t bother with a blazer. When I looked in the mirror, I thought “man, I don’t miss this life AT ALL!”

Took the train to the city, and got to the hotel early. I decided to head to the restaurant to ask the hostess about vegan dishes, and was specific enough to say no meat, eggs, seafood, or dairy. Which was good because the dish I thought was vegan, wasn’t. She went to ask the chef.

When I met my lunch partner, there was nothing creepy or inappropriate about it at all.

He was very focussed on teaching me all this information and gave me lots of material to take home to read. Not that anyone was looking, but if they were, our meeting definitely looked like a business meeting and not a date!

It was comfortable and fun, and the restaurant was great.

I’m glad I put myself out of my comfort zone to meet him. I learned a lot, met a new business connection (we added each other to LinkedIn), and maybe even a new client!

I won’t hold my breath on the new client thing, but I feel good spreading my business message anyway. 🙂


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    What did you learn from him? Lookinf forward to details!

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        Okay! I didn’t write about it because it’s pretty basic, and focussed on my exit out of Germany. Once I deregister, I will no longer be tax resident in Germany, but should register at the German consulate abroad if I do take up residency somewhere else (have to double check what the benefits are to doing an international anmeldung – I want to get AWAY from that!). If I own a GmbH, it gets a lot more complicated extricating myself tax-wise. Since I don’t own a GmbH and run a sole proprietorship (selbständig), everything should be straight forward but I still need to find an accountant to help me with it. That’s pretty much it! Basic, but when everything is in German I need to hear it in English just to be sure!

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          Can you keep a german health insurance (theoretically) if you are not german resident? Do you know anything about that?

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            Yes, you definitely can! It will just cost a little bit of money to reserve your spot. I think every provider is different so you’ll have to ask yours. We’re not interested in keeping German insurance though, so haven’t bothered asking for specifics.

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