Travel plans: Canadian road trip and residency

Canada road trip

Both sides of our family now know of our nomadic travel plans!!

Which means it’s starting to feel more REAL. 🙂

Next big move will be Martin giving notice at his job, which will happen in June or July. Then it will feel even more real!!

So I want to talk more about our loose travel plans.

I mentioned Chiang Mai as a first stop, but then what?

Since Martin and I come from northern countries, we’re not super comfortable with sweltering heat. In fact, we are weenies and don’t like it at all. Once the season in SE Asia starts heating up, we plan to head to Canada and spend at least 3-months there!


One of my big dreams is to go on a road trip across Canada, so the Canadian summer will be a perfect time to do it.

We plan to fly directly to Calgary, buy a van, explore Banff and Jasper, and drive to Vancouver and back. Probably we will spend about a month in western Canada exploring and catching up with friends, before driving over to my family in Toronto. Maybe drive to eastern Canada before heading south to Toronto.

During this time, we cannot be tax-free because we’ll be establishing residential ties with Canada. We’re choosing to do this so that Martin can gain Canadian permanent residency.

The whole Canadian PR process takes about 3-months if everything goes well. After which the new PR needs to stay in Canada for a certain amount of days per year over a certain time period, except if they leave the country with their Canadian spouse. So as long as Martin travels with me (and we can prove it), he should be able to maintain his Canadian PR having only lived in Canada during the time it took to get his PR status.

Okay don’t quote me on this, I’m not an immigration lawyer and still have to look into this to make sure we’re not breaking the law.


This is partly what it looks like to be a citizen of the world! We’re not there yet, but are actively working towards it. :mrgreen:


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    Good luck, it took us about 3 years to get our PR status… But then again, we are but Dutch and do not have direct Canadian family.

    The road trips is going to be great! Have done two (long) road trips in that area, and both times it was amazing.

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      Thanks Team CF! We’re very excited about the road trip. We’ve driven through Banff and Jasper a few years ago and LOVED IT. Time to do a more thorough cross-country trip where we’re not rushing because we’re only on vacation. Can’t wait!!

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