Aiming for an early retirement and being VEGAN

Use 6 ripe bananas for your morning smoothie!

I see being #VEGAN as very similar to aiming for early retirement.

There are some powerful overlapping themes about freedom, health, enjoying a good life, and putting your beliefs into ACTION.

Veganism and early retirement are also counter-culture movements that require consistency, awareness, and an air of not caring what others think of you – if you are to succeed.

“Normal” people, do not like hearing about these crazy lifestyles. There will be criticism about how it’s not possible nor desirable. Family will worry about you. Anyone who strives for these goals are labelled weirdo-hippies who live a life of restraint.

Restraint. That’s really funny to me. Because as VEGANS who are soon-to-be early nomadic semi-retirees (that’s a mouthful!), we live waayyyyy more abundantly than anyone else we know!

Every month we get thousands of dollars richer from working our jobs. We retain most of it because of how we’ve structured our lives. It took time and effort to get here, but we made it a goal and here we are!

To know that we are building our foundation and not just whittling away our hard earned money on useless stuff feels GREAT. And it has the added benefit of us not owning too much, which will make it easier when we leave because we need to downsize to 2 backpacks and 3 bikes!

Abundance especially describes how we EAT!

When we eat with others, it is obvious how much MORE we eat compared to them. It’s common for our guests to be finished eating, while we’re still working away on servings 2 and then 3.

We pack in the carbs daily, eating foods that people who are trying to lose weight avoid, like pasta, pizza, bread, and sweet fruits. Yet we effortlessly maintain BMIs of 19-20.

How do we do it?


We are high carb vegans which means we aim to nourish our bodies with at least 70% of our daily calories from carbohydrates. We focus on eating whole plant based foods, because that is what our human bodies are designed to eat and paves the way for good health now and in the future.

This is a lifestyle that is easy to do, no calorie restrictions, and something that will stick with us for a lifetime. It’s not a gimmick diet sold to you to make a profit – avoid those, because it’s not built into the profit scheme for you to succeed onto a healthy life. Our high carb vegan lifestyle is healing and will transform your body and soul. No joke!

Yes we exercise, but not a lot (not enough!). Martin bikes about 150 km/week, and I aim for 100 km/week but this week only did 22 km and last week only 6o km. 🙁

When we move to Chiang Mai, our goal is to up our calorie intake to 3K, and ride up Doi Suthep mountain every morning. It’s a 10km ascent and I’m so excited about it. Where we live in Germany is great for beautiful biking trails but is mainly flat land, so I’ll be upping my fitness game when I ride more hills. :mrgreen:

So grateful that we’ve stumbled upon both the early retirement and high carb VEGAN lifestyles. Our lives are infinittely better because of it, and the skills learned from one lifestyle are directly transferable to the other.

Happy FIRE-ing and VEGAN-ing! Ⓥ Ⓥ Ⓥ


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    Ah, a breath of fresh air to see that there are more people that are trying to become financially independent AND try to follow a plant based whole foods lifestyle. Will definitely be following your guys going forward. 🙂

    You must find it extremely ironic that we chose a cheesy name for our blog 😉 Which we have not had in about two years now, cheese that is.

    One note though, why do you put focus on “high carb”? A whole foods plant based diet is by definition the right lifestyle and thus NOT “high carb” (more like “perfect carb”). Or are we missing something?

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      Hey Team CF! Thanks for connecting with me, can’t wait to check out your blog! We focus on a whole foods plant based lifestyle, but lean towards high carb for health and fitness reasons. High carb just kicks my butt into gear to GO OUT and be active for longer periods of time, and simply makes my body feel better compared to high fat. Not that I’m against nuts or legumes or anything. Sometimes we also eat vegan junk food, like last night: I tend to post Instagram pictures of more processed / vegan junk foods, rather than the plainer foods that I may eat, because most of my followers are omnivores that I’m trying to inspire to go VEGAN. But I eat it all!!

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    Hey VN, that vegan junkfood looked pretty good! Had some too tonight, hummus with bread/baked potato’s and alcohol free beer. Not great, but definitely healthier than most other snack nights we used to have 😉

    Personally (Mr. CF), I have periods where I work out a lot (P90X/Insanity), but never felt that I needed a “high carb” WFPB lifestyle to make it all happen (just ate more of everything). If fact, you are probably better off adding more legumes considering they contain more protein and are very essential to get sufficient fibre, which appears to be extremely important for your overall health (probably one of the most under estimated components in food).

    That being said, you got to do what your body likes best. Good luck!

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      Hi Mr. CF! There’s a misconception that high carb vegan diets do not provide enough protein. That’s not the case, as there is protein (and fats) in plant foods in varying proportions. As long as a person is eating enough calorically, they will not be protein deficient. While I aim for high carb, there are some days I eat high protein/fat foods for 1 meal, which throws off my macro ratios to not be high carb anymore. It doesn’t bother me, but there is a clear difference in my energy levels after the meal, as well we the next day. The high carb days providing more energy and longer sustenance throughout the day. Also why athletes carb up the day/week before their event at least (if they’re not high carb already). I’m no athlete, but my current health goal is to increase my fitness and to get leaner. Without having to do insane P90X workouts that the high protein folk do :P. Not to be facetious, but the high carbers tend to do more gentle physical activity and lean out faster than the high protein/fat folk. This is not to say high carb is better – I think all vegan diets are a step in the right direction – but choosing one or the other really depends one’s interest and fitness/health goals. We should all go vegan for ethical and environmental reasons, but within the vegan menu there is a lot to choose from!

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      Also, not to get prescriptive or anything, but you’re so right that it’s very important to get enough fibre. It keeps things moving if you know what I mean. 😉 Which I know you do because you eat a whole foods plant based diet! Fibre is actually a carbohydrate. It exists in higher proportion in fruits, rice, grains compared to legumes and nuts. But legumes and nuts as a protein source is soooooo much more superior than animal proteins, since it does contain fibre (meat doesn’t), and doesn’t contribute to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases or cancers.

      I know I’m singing to the choir, but just wanted to leave this in in case a non-plant based person reads this thread! :)))))

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        Ha, love the last comment. You are absolutely right on. Just to confirm, in case you may have gotten the wrong impression, we try not to be “high” on anything. Rather balanced throughout the whole foods plant based spectrum. We therefore eat lost of fruits and veggies (as one should), but also make sure we eat nuts and seeds, as well as legumes and whole grains every day. The total mix is what actually results in optimum performance and health. Singling out one component is never a good idea (not saying that you do, just stating the obvious).

        By the way, I dare to debate the higher fibre content in fruits over legumes. Legumes are by far the plant food with the highest fibre content per 100 gram unit (uncooked and cooked):

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