Travelling with cancer

travel cancer

My Mom has asked me whether we’ve thought about health care and cancer scares while travelling.

The answer is, of course!

Our approach to our health is very hands on.

We are not afraid of scary things like cancer, because it’s normal to have cancer cells in your body. What’s not normal is when your immune system cannot remove the cancer cells and they accumulate to cause tumours and circulate in your blood stream. So it’s really the immune system one should be treating if they want the cancer to go away.

Knowing this is power.

In our quest to cure and prevent cancers, we have adopted a whole foods vegan diet that is high in carbohydrates. (sometimes we eat vegan junk food though!)

Not because this makes us invincible vegans, but because this is the best way of treating and preventing disease. The side effects are having so much energy you have to go outside and *do stuff*, increased sex drive, mental clarity, regular bowel movements, stable moods, a zest for life, and the best part: not having to murder innocent beings and the environment!

tropical fruit

When we move to the abundant tropics of South East Asia, we will have a lot more carbs to choose from. Right now we eat mainly starch-based carbs (potatoes, rice, oats), but we plan to get more carbs from tropical fruit, which are hard to find in Germany.

A general rule of thumb for optimal health is to eat 10g of carbs per kg of body weight per day. So I weigh 52kg (115 pounds), which means I aim for 520g of carbs per day. Cronometer is a good way to track your carbs, and if you’ve never gone high carb vegan, you will see how your micronutrient counts shoot waaaaaayyyyy up, just from eating simple foods!

In terms of medical care, Thailand has excellent facilities and people go there for medical tourism.

The quality of medical care in Thailand is at least the same as in Germany, but cheaper. The pricing is also transparent so you know exactly how much it will cost from the outset, making it a real free market for medical care.


I also like that one can go to a clinic in Thailand and order a certain test, without having to jump through hoops and beg a doctor to do it for you.

While we don’t use medical services often, we will be buying travel insurance to cover any emergencies, and will pay out of pocket for any routine check-ups we may want to do.

Overall, it feels very safe health-wise to live in Thailand or travel to big cities in Asia with travel health insurance. When we leave Germany, our health insurance costs will plummet down to about $50 per person per month. Which is a lot less than what we pay now (15.5% of our gross income).


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    We’ve had healthcare tourism on our minds as well! Of course we’d love to be able to know that we’re covered for everything at home, too, but healthcare in the U.S. is so messed up and overpriced. Seems like you’ve done your homework, though! And I keep hearing great things about the quality of care in Thailand.

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      I felt that way too about not being covered in Canada, or even Germany. But then I realized I pay (A LOT) for that coverage, so if I enter these countries as a tourist, I can just use cheap travel insurance. For example, if I want to travel to the States with travel health insurance, it will cost me $70 per month.

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