Speaking of taxes, is this a DATE?!?


This is going to be a different kind of entry.

I’ve been learning a lot about taxes and how to efficiently run my freelancing business, and it’s been a big challenge for me.

I was researching a tax issue and emailed a government department to ask some basic questions, and was very forthcoming about our plans to leave Germany. They forwarded my email to a business consultant in Berlin, and he set an appointment to call me so we could discuss further.

We had a 45-minute phone conversation about taxes and basic business stuff. It was helpful and productive. He mentioned he would be on a business trip to a city near me in 3 weeks, and that we could meet for a quick coffee to discuss if I wanted. He also said I could bring my husband (probably to not make it sound like a date, which I appreciated). I said sure but that I would need to get back to him closer to the day.

So I emailed him back 1 week before his trip to ask if he is still available for coffee, and gave him a time frame when I could meet (between 1-3pm).

He emailed me back to say he is all booked up for that day, but suggested meeting the day after.

Not a big deal except he changed the meeting from a quick coffee, to a lunch. And the venue changed to a nice restaurant in a fancy hotel! He said it would be his treat, and that if I know of another nice restaurant in the area, to choose that instead – then cc’d his assistant to make the reservation.


Is this weird?

I literally just spoke on the phone with an anonymous civil servant about taxes and running my freelancing business, so it’s out of my expectation to meet at a fancy hotel 😕

My radar is going up a bit. I’ve never been on a blind date, but this must be what it feels like! 😛 Overall I don’t feel uncomfortable enough to cancel though. Mainly because I’m here to learn so I can support myself and Martin on our new life journey. And if someone wants to go so out of their way to teach me about business-stuff for free, and also to buy me lunch, then why should I complain!

So yeah, I have a date tax meeting coming up next week!

btw, Martin isn’t thrilled about the hotel part, but overall he doesn’t mind. 😛


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    Why would this guy give you professional advice for free?

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      It’s part of his job in the government. He already gave me good advice on the phone, so we’ll see how it goes in person!

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        That is great information! It’s not really surprising for that the tax authority is helpful in these issues , since I keep calling them and they answer kindly all my questions, but it’s great news for me that the have actual cosnultants who do this job.
        Thank you!

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          I also find the tax authority much more helpful than even the accountants or consultants I have paid to give me information. But this particular man is going out of his way to meet me – I’m not sure but I have a feeling it’s a also like a personal meeting (on his part). Don’t ask me why, I’m confused too. But I’ll see what happens tomorrow at my blind date/meeting!! 🙂

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