How will we support ourselves?


Money is definitely a concern for us.

Since it is my desire and idea to travel full-time, which is effectively asking Martin to quit his dream job, it’s only fair that I’ll pick up the slack to support us both financially.

How do I plan to do this?

I’m a writer. I write content that is scientific in nature, and consult to companies about their social media strategies. It’s called ‘content marketing’. My focus is more technical and my clients are in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) industries. I write about machines that test for cancer genes, special tools that are used on aircraft, new hardware for wireless Internet, and more.

I’m also a freelancer, which means I don’t just work for only one company or client, I work for several.

While there are many challenges to being a freelancer, for me the perks far outweigh the challenges.

The biggest perk is that my job is now location independent. I can work from anywhere in the world as long as I have an Internet connection.

My clients are based in Europe – what happens if they all dry up?

In case my clients don’t prefer to work with me over time zones, we also have a Plan B.

We’ll look for English and German teaching jobs!

I’ve taught English before in Germany, and really liked it. Martin has never taught German, and teaching German is much more finicky than teaching English ^_^, but I think it’s a good exercise for anyone to teach their native language to others who want to learn. It’s a very humbling experience, and gratifying to see others gain confidence to speak your mother tongue.

Yes we are exposing ourselves to financial uncertainty, and we will be living on a lot less income. But we’re also planning to start off in Chiang Mai, which boasts a lower cost of living. While we can’t stay in Chiang Mai forever (we aren’t Thai citizens), we plan to stay there for at least 3-months. From there, we have no further plans yet but we’ll figure it out.

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