Our first intended stop as nomads

Now that I’ve determined that Germany is not the place for me, where do I want to go instead?

If you’re a vegan or a cyclist, or both!, you probably already know the answer since all vegans on social media seem to flock here:

Chiang Mai

It’s Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Chiang Mai has a thriving vegan and cycling scene, and is known as the digital nomad capital.

I’ve never been to Thailand, but have been obsessed with it for years.

Lots of people, particularly younger people move to Chiang Mai to reduce their living costs while focussing on building online businesses.  It’s this type of energy I’m curious about and would like to experience firsthand. We’ll be the 2 old people who observe and learn from the ambitious young folk!

What’s important for us is the easy access to good vegan food. Germany is not bad for being vegan, but if you go out to eat, your options are slim unless you live in a big city. Judging by the amount of vegans who are already in Chiang Mai gorging on tropical fruits, I can only imagine how awesome it is there. Ⓥ

Cycling is our main hobby, and we plan on regularly riding up Doi Suthep mountain. The milder weather in Thailand will lend to increased fitness as we can get out-there more often. Follow me on Strava to see where and how often I ride. My goal is an easy 100 km per week (I only make it when it’s not a rainy week). Martin is also on Strava and rides more than I do!

If all goes well, we’ll be in Chiang Mai in October or November! We can’t wait!!!


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    What a great first stop choice! I hear nothing but great things. And the idea of being able to cycle through the winter is so dreamy! 🙂

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      Thanks! I can’t wait to see Chiang Mai for myself. The only ‘negative’ feedback I’ve gotten is that CM is not that nice of a city. For example, Bali is better. But it’s the community and cycle paths we’re going for, for starters.

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