Life changing decisions to make before moving abroad

In order to leave our nest in Germany, we have to make some hard decisions that will have a huge impact on our lives. These are the 2 biggest life changing decisions that we’ll soon have to make if we are to live our dream of being digital (vegan!) nomads.

1. Quitting a well paying job

engineerMartin is one of the few people I know who truly enjoys his job. So much so that we have done so many acrobatics around his job over the last few years, just so he could stay working at it.

He’s an Engineer in an emerging technical field. His work is interesting, well-respected, nice colleagues, he’s really good at what he does, he gets paid royalties from a patent he helped the company develop, AND he gets a lot of flexibility with an excellent work-life balance.

For example, literally every year he has about 2 or 3 weeks of vacation leftover that he forgot to take!

This is Martin’s dream job, and having to give it up is a big deal to both of us.

We dug up his work contract to read about notice periods and such. Turns out, his notice period is only 4-weeks long (short for German standards!).

Even though we aren’t planning to leave Germany for another few months, he’ll be giving his notice soon because we need time to carefully wrap things up. I can’t handle it as much because I’m not the German speaker, and I’ll be working my job to support us.

It’s kind of moving fast in this arena, but maybe like ripping off a bandaid, the quicker we do it, the less painful it will be.

2. Letting go of our foster dog

Luna tilesThis is Luna, our cute little foster dog. We took her in earlier this year, and were not expecting to have her with us for so long.

She’s a really fantastic dog, but came to us very scared and with some troubles. She has since worked through most of it in such a short period of time (4 months!), which shows how amazing her capacity is to learn, grow, and trust.

But the fact that she’s still nervous around other dogs, makes people not want to adopt her. This makes me upset a bit, because WHO of us are so perfect that we can’t accept faults in others? Why do people always want a perfect dog to fit into their lives, when they should be looking at how THEY can provide the best home for the dog (or cat, hamster, bunny, etc…). People are selfish assholes really. Myself included.

Because we can’t keep her ourselves since we plan to leave. 🙁

Well, we can and I’ve looked into it. But I don’t think it’s ideal for Luna. Ultimately, we don’t provide her with the best home. We think she would thrive with a family with older children (9+ years old), with another dog or cat. She’s an inquisitive, active girl and us 2 boring yuppies are not that exciting for her.

Luna is actually our limiting factor. Because we will not return her to the shelter, so if we can’t find her the perfect home, we will stay back until we do.

On our To-Do list is to enroll her and us into doggie classes. We are trying our best to help her and pave her way to a better, more stable life.

Although she has definitely added more ‘trouble’ to our lives, fostering her has been one of the best things we’ve done this year!!


Definitely giving up Luna will be much harder than quitting a good job, as our emotional tie with Luna is stronger than our financial tie with Martin’s job. Our biggest priority right now is finding the right home for Luna. Second biggest thing is to psyche ourselves up for Martin to quit his job. Lots of things to consider when moving abroad!


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    That’s so rough having to give up such a sweet girl! I’m so sad for you guys. 🙁 But I’m a total bleeding heart dog lover and would adopt 50 dogs if Mr. ONL wasn’t here to force me to be reasonable. 🙂

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      Hey Mrs. ONL, the shelter we are fostering Luna from is actually a house in a nice area with an in-ground POOL (rare in Germany!). The owners are HUGE dog lovers. Instead of making their house ‘nice’ to fit in with their neighbours, they’ve turned their place into a doggie palace. Literally. When you walk in there are 50+ dogs running around to greet you. It’s a mad house but the shelter owners are so committed to rescuing dogs that they’ve made a charity out of it. I’d even feel GUILTY taking some of their dogs home with me because they are so happy there. Luna is different because she had to be kept in a separate area away from the others, since she’s not a team player (yet!). So just saying, adopting 50 dogs is possible. 🙂

      I’m totally dreading giving up Luna, and will be crying so much when that time comes. But am hopeful to find her a better home. Fingers crossed for us!!!

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