Germany is not the place for me


Martin and I are reeealllly different.

One of my friends described me as the ‘wind’ and Martin as the ‘mountain’. That’s exactly us! I’m everywhere while Martin prefers to stay put. Coincidentally, I’m also a Libra (air sign) while Martin is a Capricorn (earth sign).

So a few weeks ago, we had ‘the talk’.

I basically told Martin that I needed to go out and explore. I’ve been living in Germany for the last 5.5 years, and if I’m being truly honest with myself, Germany is not the place for me.

Don’t get me wrong, Germany is a lovely country where you can have a stable, comfortable life. Travelling is awesome here too, as we’re located in central Europe and can easily (and cheaply) take trains/planes/busses to wherever we want.

These are some things I’m extremely grateful to Germany for :

  • Grad school with free tuition
  • A career
  • A husband! (the best part)
  • German language
  • Permanent residency (soon!)
  • Low cost of living

All of these factors have changed my life for the better. It sometimes still baffles me that I’m living my dream of living in Europe! So the gravity of leaving has not left me.

At the same time, I cannot stay here for much longer. Sorry to be dramatic!

I don’t *click* with Germany, and on top of that, I have a strong desire to see the world. I know that is cliched, but I still feel it.

To make a long story short, Martin has agreed to travel with me!

We are planning to leave Germany in about 6 months!

Our dream is to live a nomadic life (hence the blog name).

It’s all still a secret from people who know us IRL, but we are both very very excited. More details later.


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      Thanks ONL! I’m very behind on blogs – will catch up with yours soon!!

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    hey hey…that is a really cool plan! Looking forward to hearing more from it! Hope you still make it to FIWE!

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      I probably can’t make it to FIWE. 🙁 But, I’d still like to meet with you and the Mrs and can meet you in your city!

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        We’re just baout to leve for a few months but from september on, we’d be happy to meet you!

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