Now on the road!

We are a couple of 30-something vegan nomads who recently left Germany to explore the world, starting with SE Asia. Most of the time you will find us eating vegan carbs up and biking everywhere. We are semi-retired and support ourselves by freelancing, but are also figuring out the best way to diversify our income streams. Learn about it all here!

On Dating Gold Diggers

A few of my girlfriends are single and looking for a partner. Since I haven’t dated anyone (asides my husband!) for a LONG ASS TIME, I get to live vicariously through my girlfriends in their dating escapades. I even sometimes chat with the guys pretending to be my gf, but ONLY because my gf’s let
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Our first house sitting gig

We’re currently house sitting in Darmstadt, Germany! For a month we’re be staying in a 2-bedroom flat in central Darmstadt, just steps away from Luisenplatz. Darmstadt is a small city with a population 149K, south of Frankfurt. We actually cycled to Frankfurt the other day, just to hang out. How did we get this gig?
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Back to Germany!!!

We’re back in Germany now and have been for a week! Since we got here we haven’t taken a train at all and instead have ridden our bikes nearly 300 km to visit friends and family around NRW and Netherlands. It feels good to be back! Maybe I needed to leave Germany to appreciate it
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Our lifestyle is not sustainable

While we’re having a GREAT time in Asia, things aren’t going to plan on the income/cashflow front. We’re not FI yet, and at the moment we also have ZERO income. Eek! This is part by design, and part by circumstance. The original plan was that I would support us with my freelancing, and that we
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Since coming back to Chiang Mai (we were in Taiwan for 2.5 months, and then in southern Thailand for a few weeks), I’ve been inspired to be more physically active. There’s this beautiful mountain right in Chiang Mai city, called Doi Suthep. Most people take taxis or ride scooters up, but cyclists ride up for
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Income source is gone!

This week I overtrained and I can feel it. My body is TIRED. Even just for walking. I’ve never overtrained before, because I’ve never pushed myself physically before. I am also very out of shape, so overtraining comes easy! But I’m working on that. Life is GREAT here in Chiang Mai. I’m pretty much not
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